Air Seeders 

9000 Series Air Seeders

Optimize for Success

The 9000 I Series Air Seeder is the most outstanding air cart available, providing an unmatched balance of volume, flexibility, and practical features to progressive Farmers.

Bourgault 9650 Air Seeder 
9650 Trailing
30/20/20/30 tank splits
Bourgault 9950 Air Seeder
9950 Trailing
49/18/11/23 tank splits
Bourgault 91300 Air Seeder
91300 Trailing
49/18/11/23 tank splits
Bourgault L9650 Air Seeder 
L9650 Leading
30/20/20/30 tank splits
Bourgault L9950 Leading Air Seeder 
L9950 Leading
23/11/18/49 tank splits

DyanCal™ Actual Rate Monitoring Each Individual Tank is mounted on load cells that provide actual product rates during seeding, even on uneven ground.
X35 Apollo Seeder Controller System The X35 Apollo System is the command center for the 9000 I Series Air Seeder, supports industry leading features that save you time and money.
EvenStream PLUS Distribution System The Bourgault EvenStreamPLUS™ distribution system provides outstandingly consistent product distribution, even at challenging rates.
Implement to Implement Communication System The I-to-I Shared Field Map System enables Producers to operate multiple seeding units using the X35 Apollo seeder controllers in one field using the same map via WIFI connectivity.
Straight Through Product Distribution System Bourgault Product Distribution System supports single, double and Tri-Max™ triple shoot product delivery!
PDM Pro™ Metering Auger 
The PDM Pro Metering System provides the highest degree of accuracy along with gentle seed handling.
Bourgault Load/Unload Conveyors Renown for high capacity, gentleness on seed and easy clean-out, Bourgault Conveyors are standard on all the 9000 Air Seeders.
Dual Auto Section Control The Bourgault Dual Auto Section Control (ASC) system provides independent control of seed and fertilizer distribution when the drill overlaps a seeded section of the field.
Bourgault Air Seeder Tires Bourgault makes it a priority that each 9000 Series Air Seeder has the right Running Gear options so the entire capacity can be used with minimal compaction.
Bourgault Saddle Tank Further your seeding capability and capacity with the optional Saddle Tank (5th tank) and storage platform.  The BulkBoom™ option provides convenient bulk bag handling in the field or yard.
 The wide platform, comfortable stairs, and abundant work lights provides premium Operator Safety for those working with a 9000 Series air seeder.

Bourgault regrets that pricing is not available for your region. Please email a request for product pricing to - specify your location and the models you are interested in.