7000 Series Features & Options - Australia 

Saddle Tank Option

Smart Option for Low Rate Products

The Saddle Tank option provides a 5th tank compartment to the 7000 Series Air Seeder, adding total volume as well as making the handling and application of bagged products, such as canola or granular inoculant, as easy as possible.
  • The optional Saddle Tank is mounted on the left side of the 7000 series air seeders, and is designed for the application of low rate bagged products such as canola or granular inoculant.
  • The optional Saddle Tank, when combined with the 4 main tanks, provides an even greater range of tank combination options so you can maximize the total available volume, regardless of product applications.
  • The low tank height allows bagged product to be transferred directly from a pickup truck to minimize handling.  This feature also removes any possible danger from lugging bags up the stairs to the tank top.
  • Pallet Storage Platform - to minimize the time and effort it takes to handle bagged product, Bourgault has developed a pallet storage platform that allows you to store a pallet of canola or other bagged product and transfer it to the Saddle Tank as necessary. (Note: Pallet Storage Platform is not available for the 7550 Saddle Tank.)
  • The handy BulkBOOM Option is available with the Saddle Tank option, providing convinient loading of minibulk bag into to the air seeder.
  • If the Saddle Tank option is not purchased, an optional Product Lift System is available for lifting bags safely and easily to the tank top.
  • The Saddle Tank option is 40bu (1450 l) on the 7950, 7700, and L7800.  A smaller 20bu (725 l) option is available for the 7550 Air Seeder.

Bourgault regrets that pricing is not available for your region. Please email a request for product pricing to bourgault@bourgault.com - specify your location and the models you are interested in.