7000 Series Features & Options - Australia 

Auto Section Control (ASC)

Reduces Input Costs

The Bourgault Auto Section Control (ASC) system is designed to work with the Topcon X30 Seeder Controller to manage product distribution across the drill when it overlaps a seeded section of the field.

  • The system shuts product flow off to one or more secondary manifolds, yet maintains the set product rate and velocity across the remaining open secondary manifolds.
  • The "clean air" return system diverts air without product into the closed line to maintain balanced distribution of the products and also to purge remaining product from the line in that section, preventing possible blockages.
The Auto Section Control option is available on all 7000 Series Air Seeders.

Hydraulic Supply
Auto Section Control (ASC) is hydraulically actuated off of fan #1 hydraulic circuit.
Number of Sections
ASC is capable of controlling 6, 8, or 10 drill sections, depending on drill size on spacing.
Blockage Sensor Recommendation
Each ASC valve is equipped with a position sensor so in the unlikely event that a section valve does not fully close, the blockage sensors provide feedback to the X30 alerting the operator of the issue.  As an additional backup, it is recommended that the blockage sensor option be included with the Auto Section Control to provide a redundant check and provide extra peace of mind during operation.
  • Seeding Systems with Topcon Blockage Modules - The Topcon blockage modules are programmed to work in conjunction with Auto Section Control. If the ASC system shuts off sections of the air kit, to avoid overlap, the X30 will not indicate a blockage alarm for the sections that are turned off.
  • Seeding Systems with Third Party Blockage Modules - Third Party blockage modules can be used with ASC, however they will display a blockage when the ASC turns a section off. These nuisance alarms may result in frustration if the operator is required to acknowledge the blockage on every instance that a sectional valve is turned off (including headlands).

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