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9000 & 8000 Series Air Carts
3330SE & 3335QDA PHDs  ● 3720 & 3820 PCDs

Bourgault has provided this customer training outline to help you prepare for spring seeding.  Take the time to go through the content - not only will it familiarize yourself with your new drill, it will remain available through the season as a reference during the operational season.


“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ― Benjamin Franklin


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Recognizing that there is much material presented, each topic is color coded for importance, depending on your personal experience and time available.
Critical - This content is critical for the successful operation of your new seeding system.
Important - The topic covered is relevant for recent Bourgault seeding systems, and is important for the operator to know and understand.
Recommended - This information provides recommendations for new and recent Bourgault seeding systems, that will help achieve a problem free seeding season.

1 - X35 Apollo Air Cart Monitor / Controller
Arguably, the most critical component to familiarize yourself with is the Apollo X35 air cart monitor / controller.

Click on this link to open the X35 Apollo training page.

You can return to this main index at any time.
X35 Apollo Air Cart Monitor / Controller

2 - Seeding System Startup

To help you get off to the best start possible, Bourgault has produced the Seeding System Startup Video - an informative presentation that covers the critical aspects of your new seeding system. You can watch the presentation in its entirty, or use the links on the right to quickly access specific chapters.

Note: Information contained in the video presentation will be relevant for previous models equipped with X35 controllers.
Chapters - Seeding System Startup
Access Specific Chapters
Run your mouse along the bottom of the presentation to access specific topics in the presentation.

Important - Checklist for Seeding System Startup
Download this important startup reference checklist to refer to during the presentation. Print a paper copy for reference when performing the startup operation.
PDF Download
Note: The checklist download is a PDF file with links for every step (links in BLUE) to more information on each topic.

3 - Product Calibration

9000 Series with X35 Apollo The presentation featured on the left covers the process of calibrating the 9000 Series air seeder with the X35 Apollo system. Even though the DynaCal™ feature will provide accurate on-the-go calibration corrections, it is still critical to follow the recommended calibration procedure at the start of each job to ensure you are starting with an accurate rate and verifying the metering system is functioning correctly.

DYNACAL™ - How to Address Rate Discrepancy Alarms

During seeding, DynaCal™ calculations are continually processed to compare actual product weight decrease vs the theoretical weight decrease in each tank.  When a discrepancy between your target and actual product rate is detected, an alarm will alert you to take action.
You will receive this "error" message during normal operation!
Download and refer to this document to become aware of what actions to take as per the error displayed.
PDF Download

Additional Calibration Presentations
Refer to the selection of calibration presentations below to find one that fits your specific new unit configuration.

9000 Series with X35 Apollo & Xtend
Includes the addition of the Xtend feature for tank-side control of the X35
8000 Series with X35 Apollo
Watch how to calibrate the 8000 Series air seeder with the X35 Apollo system.
8000 Series with X35 Apollo & Xtend
Includes the addition of the Xtend feature for tank-side control of the X35
8000 Series with XD / ISO Universal Terminal
Use with the tractor's virtual terminal, or optional XD ISO monitor available from Bourgault

4 - Additional Features

Note: Some documents are accessed from the Bourgault Electronic Documentation System (EzParts). Select "Enter as Guest" to proceed to your file.

I2I (M2M) Shared Coverage Option
Note: Product & Job lists must be created in one X35, then transferred to other X35s on the same job.
Installation & SetupVideo
Component Installation & Setup   PDF Download
Creating, Managing, & Transferring Product ListsVideo
Field Job Setup   PDF Download
Weigh Scales/Fill Tanks
Integrated Scale Setup  PDF Download
DynaCal™ Settings   PDF Download
Scale Setup & DynaCal™ Operation   EzParts Link
Minimum Fan Speed Charts
9000 Series   Web Link
9000 Series with TriMax™ option   EzParts Link
8000 Series   EzParts Link
Rear & Saddle Tank Cameras

Camera Setup   PDF Download
3330SE & 3335QDA Opener Arms - PLS, PLDS, & PLX
Component Details & Depth Setting   PDF Download
5 - Drill Maintenance

Document DownloadScheduled maintenance of the 3330SE & 3335QDA ParaLink Drill will ensure inimical problems during the critical seeding operation.
Download and review this document to become familiar with the recommended maintenance procedures.  You can also refer to your operator's manual for maintenance information.

6 - Tank Maintenance

Document DownloadThe 9000 Series Air Seeder is the most versatile and capable commodity cart on the market.  To make sure it is working at peak performance, perform maintenance as service as recommended in the operator's manual.
Download and review this document to become familiar with the recommended maintenance procedures.  You can also refer to your operator's manual for maintenance information.

7 - Pre & Post Seeding Check List

Use the lists linked on the right to go over your seeding system to identify things to be addressed before next spring.
This is also an excellent opportunity to take advantage of special post seeding parts programming available at your Bourgault Dealer.
Paralink™ Hoe Drills
     Document Download
7000/9000 Series Air Seeders
     Document Download

You Are Ready!
We hope that the material provided with help you and your operation have the most trouble-free start to spring seeding.  You are invited to return to check for updates.  Please contact your Bourgault dealer additional information on the topics covered in this course.

Good luck with the spring seeding season!

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Note: Every operator will benefit from watching the Seeding System Startup presentation (#2) regardless of drill and tank model.

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