Air Seeder Features & Options - Australia 

Product Blockage Sensors

Eliminate the Danger of Costly Seeding Misses

Product blockage sensors help alert the operator to blocked runs or sections, thereby clearing plugged runs before they end up becoming costly misses in the emerging crop.
  • Sensors are mounted on the tertiary lines of the air seeder kit to sense product traveling through the lines.  If the sensor does not detect product movement for a given length of time, a warning is sent to the monitor.
  • Optical Blockage Sensors are utilized for 591 Monitor & the Topcon Systems.  Optical sensors do not have a pin protruding into the stream, therefore eliminates the possibility of product even as large as peas lodging at the sensors.
  • You can choose between sensors installed on each tertiary run (Multi-Run), or only one run per manifold to monitor each secondary stem (Single Run). (Note: The X30 systems are available in Single Run only).

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