Air Planter 

Air Planter™ Versatility

Gain More Benefits & Reduce Your Costs

Most small grain/big acre farming regions typically employ large scale seeding equipment, while for regions where corn and soybeans are the staple commodity, planters are the norm.  A significant and growing number of Operators are exploring the advantages of incorporating both methods on their operations.  The Bourgault Air Planter is the first commercially avialable implement designed to operate effectively as both a seeder and planter. 
Highly Adaptable

One of the primary goals when developing the Bourgault Air Planter™ was ease of switching between a seeding to planting scenario.  This has been achieved with the incorporation of bolt-on air seeder inductor, and the frame mounted XP™ meter that uses positive pressure to ensure precise placement.  Now Farmers can invest in one implement that does both jobs!

More Fertilizer Options

  • For the first time, Producers can place dry fertilizer in the seed row with planted seed, giving the plant that valuable pop-up effect after germination.
  • Mid Row Bander® fertilizer applicators are now available to planters, allowing farmers to apply nutrients like nitrogen and sulphur in a one pass operation safely with the Mid Row Band fertilizer applicators.
  • Farmers can tailor a coulter or shank based Bourgault seeding system equipped with a Air Planter™ to meet their ferilizer and seed placement requirements.
Reduce Wear & Tear

  • Bourgault seeding systems are renowned for unmatched residue clearance and seed placement in direct seeding environments.  Producers can greatly reduce their tillage requirements prior to planting.
  • Reduced passes equal less fuel burned, less wear & tear, and less man-hours in the tractor.
  • Improve soil tilth and reduce the danger to erosion by preserving binding root mass from the previous crop.  Standing stubble will protect new seedlings from wind damage.
Control Seed Costs

Farmers suffering from the high price of seed are looking at switching from a volumetric seeding system to a planter, to gain greater control of the amount of seed applied per acre.  The high cost of planting tools create a barrier to those who want to explore this avenue.  The Bourgault Air Planter™ solves this issue by incorporating both into one tool!  Now Producers can achieve planter control of seeds per acre for corn, soybeans, or canola - then easily switch out to seeding cereals and other volumetrically applied crops.

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