7000 Series Air Seeders 

Model 71300 Air Seeder

Redefining BIG!

The Bourgault Model 71300 air seeder sets itself apart in the market with this massive 1300 bushel system. This new flagship product exhibits 35% greater size than the 7950 with a base capacity of 1300 bushels and a 1340 bushel maximum capacity when equipped with the optional Saddle Tank!
New for 2019 | The EvenStream product distribution system enhances product distribution, even at high rates.

Size, coupled with the Bourgault ingenuity of the 7000 Series, ensure that the 71300 is not only big, but also advanced.
  • The capacity of the Model 71300 is most impressive, with four main tanks totaling 1300 bushels (45,810 litres) and full inter-tank flexibility that Bourgault air seeders are renowned for.
  • The optional 40 Bu Saddle Tank & Pallet Storage Platform mounted on the left side of the 71300 is designed for the seeding and storage of bagged product and raises the total tank capacity to 1340 bushels (47,220 litres)!
  • The Bourgault Dual Auto Section Control (Dual ASC) system is designed to work with the Topcon Apollo seeder controller system to sense when a drill is about to overlap a seeded section of the field.

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