7000 Series Features & Options 

Dual Auto Section Control

Dual ASC for Finer Control & Greater Savings

New for 2018

Realize greater savings with the Bourgault Dual Auto Section Control (ASC) system.  The Dual ASC option incorporates separate hydraulic manifolds for each product run, allowing you to control seed and fertilizer distribution independently.  The Apollo controller system is used to manage product distribution across the drill when it overlaps a seeded section of the field.

  • When the drill travels into a seeded area, the Apollo controller will close off product flow off to one or more secondary manifolds.  At the same time, the metering auger speed is adjusted so that the set product rate is maintained across the remaining open secondary manifolds.
  • The valve that cuts off product flow will divert "clean air" (air without product) into the closed manifold line to maintain balanced distribution of the products, and also to purge remaining product from the line in that section.
  • Operators can set how much overlap they are most comfortable with when working into our out of a seeded area.
  • Dual ASC provides the ability to set overlap separately for seed and fertilizer.  Farmers can set the geometry and on/off timings individually, allowing even finer settings resulting in less overlap and increased savings.  This feature also applies to NH3 or liquid fertilizer application.
The Dual Auto Section Control option is available on all 7000 Series air seeders with Apollo controller systems.

Auto Section Control Justification
Bourgault conducted an agronomic study to develop a real-world example of the fiscal benefits of the ASC option.  Find out more how the ASC option can help you.
Hydraulic Knife Valve Control
Knife valves are controlled by the Apollo seeder controller system and hydraulically actuated, with the supply coming from the fan #1 hydraulic circuit.
Number of Sections
Dual ASC is capable of controlling 6, 8, or 10 drill sections, depending on drill size on spacing.
Proximity Sensors
Each knife valve is equipped with a proximity sensor, providing feedback to the Apollo seeder controller thus reassuring the operator that it is performing as expected.


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