7000 Series Features & Options 

7000 Series Brake Systems

Safety & Control

Control of a large air seeder loaded with product is paramount for safety, which is why Bourgault has braking systems available for larger 7000 Series Air Seeders.
Surge Brake System
Sometimes it is difficult for the operator to detect when it is necessary to apply the brakes on the air seeder.  It can also be a considerable challenge to manually perform all of the necessary actions of turning a seeding system around on a downward slope while properly applying the braking system.  The Bourgault patented self-applying Surge Brake System provides a greater degree of safety and control by automatically applying the brakes as the air seeder hitch load changes from tension to compression.

The self-contained patented Surge Brake System is standard equipment on the 71300 & 7950 Air Seeders, and optional on the 7700 Air Seeders.
  • Compression in the hitch from slowing or traveling downhill provides braking pressure instantaneously.  A minimum amount of compression force is required to activate the brakes.
  • The Telescoping Hitch Design allows 2” of travel to supply oil and pressure to the brakes.
  • Dual calipers ensure a full tank can be controlled under normal field operation speeds.
  • Operators who have used the surge brake system provided very positive feedback regarding braking performance, even when seeding on very steep hills.
  • The biggest benefit is that the brakes will be applied when needed, without operator input.
Pump - Accumulator Brake System
The L7800 Air Seeder utilizes the operator applied Pump - Accumulator Brake System, as the Surge Brake system is not designed to withstand the considerable vertical hitch load that is present on a leading air seeder.
  • Brake control is activated by a brake light, so a special tractor brake kit is not required.
  • Dual calipers ensure a full tank can be controlled under normal field operation speeds.
  • The incorporation of an accumulator in the brake system makes the brake response near-instantaneous, which is reassuring when dealing with possibly up to 85,000 pounds of towed weight.
  • The system is optimized to allow a simple switch box to brake the air seeder independently – the toggle will allow operators to momentary apply the brakes.

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