7000 Series Features & Options 

Track Systems for 7000 Series Air Seeders

Additional Flotation & Reduced Compaction

For seeding conditions that require maximum flotation and the lowest possible compaction, Bourgault offers a track solution.  Bourgault has teamed with a leading designer and manufacturer of heavy-duty industrial and agricultural based track systems to offer packages designed specifically for Bourgault Air Seeders.

Minimize Ground Pressure with Tracks
Bourgault tires have been sized appropriately and have extremely low ground pressure.  While this is adequate in most cases, some Operators want to reduce their ground pressure even further.  Track systems achieve about ½ the ground contact pressure of our factory wheeled systems.
Please see Specifications for track sizes and ground pressure.

Customized for Bourgault Tanks
Track systems from Bourgault are designed specifically for Bourgault Air Seeders, to ensure unobstructed conveyor access to under the tank, or to the tank stairs.  The track design focuses on durability and reduced maintenance by incorporating robustly designed components including large bearings and cast components.
Brakes are not available with the track option.  Operators must be aware of the recommended 1:1½ ratio of tractor to implement weight for safe transport.
  • Tracks are offered on Bourgault 7950, L7800 and 7700 air seeders.
  • Tracks are not available for the Model 7550, L7550 or 71300 Air Seeder.