7000 Series Features & Options 

EvenStream Primary Distribution System

Enhanced Product Delivery at Any Rate

The Bourgault EvenStream Primary Distribution System provides outstanding improvements in distribution accuracy, particularly on the double-shoot or MRB®  fertilizer air stream. Deviation in distribution uniformity has been cut by more than half in urea fertilizer, the most troublesome of products.  Even distribution is reliable, even at higher rates requiring greater fan speeds.

Producers apply more product per acre with bigger seeding systems that could have been imagined even 5 years ago.   Bourgault air seeder and drills have evolved to meet these requirements, with the latest being the EvenStream Primary Distribution System.  
Bourgault engineers conducted numerous trials using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations and many hundreds of physical verification tests over the full range of products and application rates to develop this breakthrough in seeding technology.
The EvenStream Primary Distribution System is standard on 2019 models, and retrofitable on current and past 7000 Series Air Seeders.

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