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3310 Paralink™ Hoe Drill

The Superior Independent Seed Depth Seeding System

There are many reasons why the Bourgault 3310 PHD™ has become the most popular independent hoe drill in North America. Bourgault has applied many years of experience to the development of this practical, durable, and effective seeding system to achieve the most consistent seed placement in the widest range of seeding conditions.
No other seeding implement on the market can provide the same seed depth consistency in a wide range of seeding conditions and operating ranges as the Bourgault 3310 PHD™.
  • Strength & Durability  - the superior design provides adequate weight to penetrate into hard soil yet still provide even germination.  The 3310 PHD™ was designed to provide many years of service. The 5" x 5" (127 x 127mm) frame rows and 6" x 10" (152 x 254mm) caster wheel extensions on the mainframe ensures many years of reliable service. The heavy, durable construction gives the 3310 PHD the ability to penetrate the driest and hardest of seedbeds.
  • Effective Seeding in Challenging Conditions - The 3310 PHD™ will seed into residue conditions that will leave competitors stranded. Features such as a seed-only opener on each shank, optimal seed opener to packer distance, edge-on shank design, and residue cutting optional MRB coulters allow the 3310 to deliver excellent trash flow in challenging conditions without compromising the seedbed. Again and again, customers have commented on the excellent trash clearance on both the 10" & 12" ( 254 mm and 305 mm) spaced units.
  • Choice of Seed Opener - The new 3310 Paralink™ Air Hoe Drill is designed around this innovative opener. The incorporation of parallel link depth control on the seed opener provides a wide range of advantages to the producer.
  • Paralink™ Arm Assembly  - The 3310 Paralink™ Air Hoe Drill is designed around this innovative parallel link seed opener assembly.
  • Go With the Flow - The hydraulic configuration on the 3310 PHD™ efficiently utilizes the tractor’s hydraulic system to adjust packing and trip force for the banding coulters and Paralink™ seed arm.
  • Easy Adjust Depth Control - With the indexed pin depth adjustment, managing the seeding depth across the unit is simple and repeatable.
    Proper depth setting is a critical factor in seeding. Depth adjustment is more time consuming with an independent depth seeding system, so Bourgault focused on a simple and easy system to minimize the time involved in depth adjustment.
    Once the proper seed depth has been determined the seeding depth across the unit can be quickly repeated. Simplicity and durability was a focus in the depth control design to ensure long and trouble-free operation.
  • Dependable Seeding Consistency  - The 3310 PHD™ provides a two-to-one vertical opener-to-packer ratio to provide a balance between contouring and stability. The end result is reliable seeding consistency in a variety of conditions.
     - The stability of the 3310 PHD™ greatly reduces any negative effects of seeding against the previous years furrows.
    - The 3310 PHD™ is more consistent at higher seeding speeds - Producers can get more work done in the given conditions.
    - The 3310 PHD™ provides unsurpassed trash clearance - more separation between the opener and the packer wheel allows residue to flow better through the drill.
  • Designed for the Job - The 3310 PHD™ meets the same demanding quality guidelines as every other Bourgault product.
    The 3310 provides superior penetration and packing in the hardest and driest conditions. The heavy, robust frame and active load transfer from mainframe to inner wings will ensure even penetration. Farmers who own the 3310 PHD™ rely on the durability of the unit.
  • Superior Residue Flow - The Paralink™ seeding arm places only the seed opener in the seed row. The nitrogen fertilizer is placed between every second seed row with the MRB®.This arrangement provides excellent residue flow, even when field residue is challenging, without compromising the seedbed. The superior residue flow allows farmers to choose the spacing that works best for thier operation, not limit their spacing to what the seeding system can work in. Over 80% of Bourgault PHD™ drills are sold in 10" (254 mm) spacing.
  • Optimal Fertilizer Placement - The incorporation of optional Series 25 Mid Row Banders continues Bourgault’s commitment to providing minimal risk one-pass seeding systems. The MRBs equipped on the 3310 utilize a hydraulic system to lift the coulters from working to transport position and adjust down pressure. A simple line lockout valve allows for “parking” the MRBs when not in use. Producers can choose between a 254 mm or 305 mm (10" or 12") spacing without the worry of increased risk of seed damage from nitrogen fertilizer.
  • Superiour Productivity - Achieve the acres per hour you need to get the job done without putting seeding consistency in jeopardy.
    Several features of the 3310 allow the operator to seed at effective speeds and still maintain good seedbed integrity.
    - Edge-on Shank - the narrow profile reduces the disruption of soil. 
    - Opener-to-packer distance - an optimal distance has been incorporated, allowing soil to flow back into the seed row prior to the packer, yet still provide good contour-ability.
    - MRB® System - Placing the nitrogen fertilizer in a separate row to the seed presents a much smaller profile to the soil, thereby reducing soil disturbance.
  • Testimonials - Listen to what Farmers have to day about the Bourgault 3310 PHD™.

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