Air Drills 

5925 Air Coulter Drill

A True Zero-Till Seeding Implement!

The 5925 Air Coulter Drill is a true zero-till seeding implement! The 5925 ACD is designed to operate in managed field residue and stubble with minimal soil disturbance, providing protection from the evaporating effects of the wind and the sun. When water and soil conservation is key, the 5925 ACD performs second to none.
  • Bourgault Air Coulter Drills are the lowest maintenance coulter drill on the market.
  • Sealing in the Moisture - Existing soil moisture is retained to ensure optimum germination and emergence.
  • Seed Into All Stubble Types - The 5925 ACD will achieve consistent seeding depth even in corn, sunflower, or soya bean stubble.
Extreme Zero-Till - The coulters cut through the straw and accurately place the seed and fertilizer in the soil.
The Fixed Height Coulter
— The Heart of the 5725 Air Coulter Drill.

Bourgault’s 5925 ACD is designed for one-pass seeding with the optional Mid Row Bander® III system. Mid Row Banders operate independently of the seed coulters, depositing granular, liquid, or NH3 fertilizer safely between the seed rows.

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