Air Seeder Features & Options 

Straight-Thru Primary Lines

Flexibility to Match Your Productivity

The Straight-Thru Primary Distribution design makes it easy for you to configure the Bourgault Air Seeder to match your needs for the given crop. Bourgault offers a variety of fan options to match your drill size and metering rate requirements.
The Bourgault Air Tanks can be outfitted for:
  • Single Shoot, where one primary distribution line is used for supplying the boots on the shanks with one or a combination of products. The single shoot is  typically used in a situation where high levels of nitrogen fertilizer are pre-applied. If mixing seed and fertilizer, a spread boot may be required to help reduce the danger of fertilizer damage.
  • Double Shoot, where there are 2 sets of primary distribution lines, one feeding seed shanks, and one feeding a fertilizer application device such as MRBs. It is important to have a dedicated fan for each line in order to have proper air speed control.
The Straight-Thru design is particularly beneficial with the Double Shoot product lines.  It allows producers to direct the contents of any tank compartment into any of the two air streams. From canola to peas, farmers can quickly set up for the seeding configuration needed with little effort and no need to change metering components.  Another benefit of this design is that tank cleaning is clean and simple, with an unobstructed drop into the load/unload auger hopper.
  • 6000 Series Air Seeders: 6" (152mm) dia. primary distribution lines
  • 7000 Series Air Seeders: 7" (178mm) dia. primary distribution lines
KNEX™ integral tank design - The Straight-Thru primary lines are designed to accept product from each of the integral compartments of the air seeder, providing farmers with a degree of flexibility not capable with any other.

Fan Options - Different fan options are available to suit the producer's needs, depending on rate of product application and size of seeding implement.  Refer to the Air Seeder Fans page for more information.

Bourgault regrets that pricing is not available for your region. Please email a request for product pricing to - specify your location and the models you are interested in.