Air Seeder Features & Options 

Air Seeder Fans

Accurate & Consistent Product Rates

Today’s larger seeding systems require a large volume of air for accurate and consistent product rates.  Bourgault offers a number of fan types and configurations to cover the widest range of producer requirements.
  • Single Fan - A single fan configuration is offered operators that require only one product transfer system for their operation.
  • Double Fans - Bourgault utilizes a two fan product delivery system for double-shoot air kits to maximize efficiency, simplify settings, and to minimize any plugging problems.
Bourgault has a variety of fan options to match your drill width, target application rates, and tractor capacity:
  • The Regular Fan provides ample air flow for operators who are looking to apply standard rates at typical seeding speeds.  The standard fan runs up to a maximum of 5000 rpm. (Note: The Regular Fan is not offered on 7000 Series Air Seeders as of the 2015 model year.)
  • The High Speed Fan is equipped with a 12cc hydraulic motor which provides up to 6000 rpm rotor speeds to boost application rates.
  • The High Capacity Fan has a wider fan and 16cc hydraulic motor and is recommended for larger seeding implements.
  • The High Pressure Fan is recommended for the 3420 Paralink Hoe Drill, 3320-86 PHD on 10" & 12" spacing, and the 3720-70 ICD on 10" spacing.  The High Pressure fan is equipped with a redesigned rotor and equipped with a 19cc hydraulic motor.
Spinning Fan Screen - Bourgault offers a Spinning Fan Screen option to reduce straw build up and ensure proper fan performance.

Hydraulic Note - It is required to use 3/4" hydraulic couplers to maximize the performance of the High Speed, High Capacity and High Pressure fans.

Important - Always consider your drill size, seeding speed, maximum product rates, coupler size and hydraulic capacity on your tractor when considering fan selection.  Refer to the Specifications Page for detailed information.