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8810 Floating Hitch Cultivator

Durable & Versatile

The 8810 Floating Hitch Cultivator continues to be a viable seeding tool in many regions. No other seeding system can be set up for tillage, then reconfigured into an effective seeding system. The clean and simple floating hitch design, durable construction, and superior residue flow characteristics have made this tool bar a mainstay throughout the small grain regions that are prone to wet seeding conditions.

Configure the 8810 for one-pass seeding! The 8810 Culti-Drill™ provides many features normally found on a hoe drill, but still provides the flexibility of a cultivator.
  • The 8810 provides many seasons of trouble-free operation due to an innovative and durable design.
    Frames Designed for Outstanding Endurance
     - 5 row truss type construction: 4" x 4" x ¼" structural tubing rows
     - 2" x 2" x ¼" tubing stringers 
    This construction gives the 8810 an 8" frame that can handle heavy tillage operations, as well as MRBs and field markers.
    Low Maintenance
    Wear points are protected with;
    - nylon
    - case harden steel 
    - composite bushings on chrome pins.
    These features allow the 8810 to require less grease locations and longer greasing intervals.
    Dependable Running Gear
    - 6000lb hubs
    - triple lip seal pressed into the hub to prevent damage from debris wrapping
    - bearings can be pumped with grease without damage to the seals 
  • Handle Maximum Residue with Minimum Effort.
    - 5 row design allows for optimal trip layout design
    - clearance around the wheels ensure good residue flow
    - 8" unit: 32"min. spacing on adj. shanks
    - 10" unit: 40" min. spacing on adj. shanks
    - 25" between rows
    - 27" ground clearance (with sweeps)
  • The 8810 running gear placement ensures excellent contouring characteristics.
    The ability to follow field contours is related to frame depth and wheel position. The 8810 has the shortest depth. Front castor wheels are positioned close to the front row, and the walking axle centred in the frame.
  • Bourgault incorporates a superior & dependable hydraulic system in the 8810 design.
  • Single Point Depth Control provides quick and effective depth setting when time is critical.
  • The 8810 is designed around the renowned Bourgault Spring Trip Assembly.
  • Eliminate side hill skewing with Side Draft Eliminators.
  • Keep your wheel clean in wet conditions with Spring Action Mud Scrapers.
  • The 8810 is available with a number of mounted attachments to meet specific field requirements.
  • Bourgault Mounted Packers help provide excellent seedbed results when using a tillage system for seeding.
  • Bourgault Titan™ Quik-Detach Arms are designed for quick and easy attachment or interchange of mounted harrows and packers to accomplish various operations with the same unit.
  • Adjustable Packing Pressure
    The heavy-duty packer assemblies mounted on the Titan™ arms can be adjusted to suit the seeding conditions. Packing can be adjusted from 50 lbs to 80 lbs per wheel to match crop type and field conditions. Dry seeding conditions will warrant heavier pressure delivered to the packer wheels, whereas wetter conditions will require less pressure
  • Excellent Residue Clearance
    The 8810 has five rows of shanks, mounted on a 10" spacing, with a minimum of 40" distance between shanks on the same row. Special consideration is given to clearance around the wheels within the frame of the implement. The Mid Row Banders® are mounted on the front of the frame, which cuts through the residue before it reaches the seed openers. These features all help to provide a remarkable residue clearance
  • Bourgault tillage units are designed to accommodate towed implements when equipped with the adaptable mounted trailing hitch.
  • Series 20  or  Series 25  Mid Row Banders® allow you to configure your tillage unit into a low disturbance seeding tool.
  • Superior Flotation
    The 8810 Culti-Drill™ incorporates in-frame running gear. In wet conditions, more weight can be transferred to the wheels to prevent the castor wheels from diving into the mud. The walking in-frame running gear is slightly biased to the back tire. This again helps prevent the front wheel from dipping down in wetter conditions.

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