Past Performers 

5710 Air Hoe Drill

The Proven Performer

 It’s easy to see why the 5710 Air Hoe Drill has been the most popular seed drill of it's time!
  • The 5710 AHD was released in sizes from 25' to 74' (7.6 to 22.5 m), 9.8" (249 mm) or 12.6"(320 mm) row spacings. Select sizes were offered in 7"(178 mm) spacing. A narrower main frame was used on the 25', 30', 35' and 47’ models to balance the size of the wings relative to the size of the main frame.
  • The 5710 delivers a very shallow contouring depth to follow field topography. The packer wheels are mounted closely behind the rear trips, and the front caster wheels are positioned within the first row of the air hoe drill’s frame.
  • Bourgault a wide range of packer wheels to match any farming operation. To be able to deliver the proper packing configuration for your farm, Bourgault offers many wheel options. The packer wheels are 22"(559mm) in diameter and are available with a steel or rubber face. The list of packers - refer to the Specification.
  • The 5710 can be equipped with a spring trip size to match every soil condition. The list of the avaible trips - refer to the Specification.  
  • The 5710 features a very compact folding system to make transporting through smaller passages easy. 
  • The 5710's high precision depth control cylinders use a sophisticated seal design that includes a wiper seal on each side of the Teflon® piston seal.
  • The 5710's frame is designed for long term durability.
  • Leveling the 5710 is accomplished quickly and easily. 
    The parallel frame lift system keeps the frame level at all times regardless of seeding depth. Levelling of the 5710 is done using easily accessible heavy-duty turnbuckles found on both the caster wheels and packer gangs. (Wrenches provided.)
  • The Quick Shift Depth Control system provides single point depth control for easy and reliabble seeding depth changes. 
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