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5725 Air Coulter Drill

Minimal Disturbance, Maximum Benefit

The 5725 Air Coulter Drill is the ultimate seeding tool for Minimum and Zero-Till operations. You can be confident that product placement is exact, even in the most challenging conditions.
  •  The 5725 ACD is a two-row ultra-low soil disturbance seeding system available in 9.8" (249mm) or 12.6" (320mm) spacings.
  • The 5725 ACD is designed for double shooting with an optional Mid Row Bander® System, allowing the user to safely apply granular, liquid, or NH3 fertilizer. On the 5725 ACD, the Mid Row Banders operate independently of the seed coulters. This way the performance of the seed coulter is not affected by the fertilizer placement, guarantying seed and fertilizer separation. The Series 25 Mid Row Bander II also utilizes the large 20" coulter with a 430 lb trip force to provide the same excellent penetration as the 5725 coulter assemblies. 
  • The unique coulter assembly provides maximum residue cutting capability. The aggressive spring loaded closing wheel ensures complete furrow closing. A ½” x 11-5/8” dia. solid steel closer wheel is mounted on a compound angle to return displaced soil over the seed row, prior to the packer wheel.
  • The 5725 ACD uses the Bourgault single point depth control to maximize productivity, saving you hours in adjustment time and reducing the chance of error.
  • The 5725 coulter assemblies feature oversized 2000 lb. hubs and greaseless composite bushings in wear pivots to achieve extreme durability with a minimal amount of complexity. Tests show that the 20" discs used on the 5725 ACD provide over two times life than 18" coulters.
  • The 5725 ACD was offered with various packer options:
    • steel wheel 2¼” (57mm) and 3½” (89mm) wide
    • 3” (76mm) semi-pneumatic rubber wheel.
  • The 5725 ACD is equipped with running gear for demanding field and transport conditions. The rear transport wheels on all 5725 Air Coulter Drills are dual, oscillating. The transport system features an automatic locking system for secure road transport.
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