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1100 Grain Cart

The Lowest Cost Harvesting Capacity Available!

Keep the combines threshing, not stopped unloading or traveling to the semi-trailer on the edge of the field and then unloading.  For many producers, the 1100 Grain Cart is a more efficient way is to increase harvesting capacity than buying another combine.
  • The 1100 features a Complete Clean Out system for both the auger and the tank. Trap doors found on the underside of the 1100 can be quickly opened to empty the contents through the 6" x 56" openings. This eliminates the chance of contamination between two grains when switching crops and allows for fast cart unloading when using a pit.
  • The low hopper height promotes safe work practices for the farm and provides clear vision from the combine for unloading on the go.
  • The Truss Frame on the 1100 is more than strong enough to take the 1100 bushel load, yet minimizes loading on the tires and hitch.
  • The 1100 Grain Cart is designed to apply a max. loaded hitch weight of only 3000 lbs. The light hitch weight also makes unhooking the 1100 with the adjustable drop leg jack a simple task.
  • Eight flotation tires provide more than enough carrying capability to ensure that loads do not exceed the tire manufacturer's load limits. The eight tires keep ground compaction levels at a very low 19 P.S.I. The wide stance of the double walking axle assembly which walks from side to side and from front to back guarantees stability in rough and hilly conditions.
  • The superior undercarriage system smoothens the ride and reduces stress on the tractor hitch. The running gear is also very low maintenance because the suspension components ride on a large composite polymer bearing area that requires no grease.
  • The 1100 provides excellent lighting for evening operation and transport. Working lights on the turret auger provide unloading visibility, while a light on the inside allows the operator to see the level of product in the grain tank. Marker and signal lights are located on the rear of the cart for safe transport.

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