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Bourgault 750 Grain Cart

The Smart Cart

The Smart Cart provides 750 bu (26.4m3) of capacity, with a convenient 18" (457mm) turret style unloading auger.
  • The turret style unloading auger will place grain accurately, even when cart to truck alignment off. With the flatter profile of the turret unloading auger, the operator also avoids potential contact between the auger housing and grain truck. The operator can also adjust the position of the auger when topping up, rather than riding the tractor clutch.
  • The 750 Smart Cart will keep the trucks moving with an unloading rate of 3½ ~ 5 minutes. the large 18” (457mm) auger moves dry grain at up to 250 bu/minute with only 80 p.t.o. horsepower. This larger diameter auger rotates at a slow 550 rpm, moving 27% more volume per revolution than a 16” auger. (Output rates were determined using #2 Corn at 15% moisture, 56 lbs/bu.)
  • All auger flightings are balanced and ride on bearings for smooth and quiet operation. By suspending the auger flightings on bearings and operating at a slow 550 rpm, the life expectancy of the auger tubes and flighting is greatly increased.
  • The hydraulic choke on the unload auger gives the operator independent control over tractor rpm. The 36” (.9m) stroke gives a wide range of positions for any type of grain or grain conditions.
  • The sloped cart top helps prevent combine operators from spilling grain. 
  • The sliding cleanout opening allows the 750 cart to discharge remaining grain into an auger hopper or pit. The large opening combined with the aggressive slope of the hopper provides unsurpassed tank cleanout.

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