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Model 1650 Round Bale Mover

The "Easy Rider"

Walking & oscillating axle design distributes the load and provides an superior ride.
  • The double row design can hold up to 16 five foot bales. 
  • The last bale indicator alerts operator of a full row. The reflective indicator is highly visible, even during night use.
  • The massive 6” x 6” x .250” loading arms and sturdy frame accommodate bales up to 2500 lb.
  • The twin forks, mounted on 6" x 6" (152 x 152 mm) loading arms, can be adjusted for various sizes of bales. Angled forks will rotate the bale into position for problem free loading.
  • Rubber paddles on the bale chain moves the bales along without damage or slipping. Rails provide secure transport of bales.
  • Bale rows are designed to give the operator good visibility behind the bale mover. Transport lights and a transport safety chain are standard.
  • The RBM 1650 allows you to unload bales in neat rows. From the cab of the tractor, the deck is lifted hydraulically. The bale chains transfer the bales onto the ground without ripping twine or damaging the bales. The tail of the bale mover is designed to skid over the ground during the unloading process without damage.

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