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4000 & 4200 Wing Type Packers

A Versatile and Economical Packer System

  • The 4000 & 4200 Wing Type Packer offered farmers seeding with cultivators the ability to achieve a one pass seeding operation. Attaching the WTP behind the air seeder enabled producers to conserve valuable moisture with one less tractor and one less operator than if using a harrow packer drawbar.
  • Bourgault Air Seeders were designed to be compatible with the 4000 & 4200 Series Wing Type Packers. Hitches and hydraulic plumbing packages were available from the 2000 Series to 6000 Series Bourgault Air Seeders.
  • Generally, 1/2 to 5/8 horsepower per foot was all that was required to tow the unit on level land.
  • Producers also used the WTP while spring tilling, banding fertilizer or applying granular herbicide.  This helped to consere valuable moisture, and made depth control during the seeding operation a whole lot easier.
The Model 4000 WTP was offered in widths of 24' to 52' (7.3m to 15.9m).
The Model 4200 WTP was offered in widths of 56' to 60' (17.1m to 18.3m). 
  • The vertically folding wings make it easy to put the unit into and out of transport. The hydraulic system is designed so that only one set of remote outlets is required to put the unit into transport. If all your remote tractor hydraulic outlets are filled, you can tee the packer hydraulic system into the cultivator wing lift system so that no extra remote hydraulic outlets are required.
  • The coils are designed to clear obstacles greater than the height of the frame to avoid any possibility of damage to the coils. 
  • The individual coils are allowed to pivot from side to side, so that they follow the terrain precisely and clear small to medium obstacles without lifting the entire packer off of the ground.
  • Each packer pivot is equipped with Nylatron® G.S. bushings. Heavy duty pillow block bearings are shielded from rock damage to ensure trouble free service.
  • The Wing Type Packer hitch is designed to allow regular head-land turns.

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