Past Performers 

5000 Series Air Seeders

The Most Advanced Air Seeder of It's Time

  • Models 5200, 5250, 5300, 5350 & 5440
  • Models 5195, 5245, 5295, & 5345 (Australian Line)
  • The Variable Speed Transmission drives allows the output rate to be adjusted by turning the crank at the top of the box. The heavy-duty design & shear pin protection ensure that the transmission will provide trouble free operation.  The 5000 Air Seeders were offered with CRA - Cab Rate Adjust, and ZRC - Zone Rate Control systems.
  • The 5000 Air Seeder featured the PDM Plus positive displacement metering system. This system is highly accurate, even with fine seeds. The sump can be opened for complete tank clean-out and metering auger inspection.
  • The 491 Deluxe Monitor simultaneously checks all air seeder systems.
  • The patented internal third tank design allows you to configure the 5000 Series as a two or three tank seeder. The contents of the centre tank can be diverted to either the front or rear tank using an internal trap door system. (Not available on the Model 5200.)
  • The 8" (203 mm) diameter Loading/Unloading Auger will quickly fill each air seeder compartment. It can easily be pivoted around, so to empty the tanks after seeding. Hydraulic controls are located both at the base and at the top of the auger for control from the cat walk. A brake system on the main loading / unloading auger pivot locks the auger in position when loading on side slopes or operating on windy days.
  • Hydraulic Calibration makes it easy to obtain a larger sample. Install the calibration boxes underneath one or more of the calibration ports and turn on the hydraulic motor to obtain a sample. 
  • 5000 Series Air Seeders were released in Leading or Tow Behind configurations. (Model 5440 not offered in Leading)

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