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The Ultimate in Direct Seeding Technology

The 4710 Air Coulter Drill used a unique seed placing, fertilizer side-banding and packing configuration for optimum seed and fertilizer placement.
  • 18" Coulters Slice Through Straw - Large 18" diameter coulters are the optimum diameter for cutting through straw.
  • Precise Seed Placement - The seed coulters are located directly behind the front castering wheels to ensure the most precise seed placement in the industry.
  • Penetrate the Toughest Soils - The 4710 Coulter drill features extra heavy duty construction with more than enough weight to push the coulters through the hardest soils. The average weight on each coulter is 236 lbs.
  • Spring Loaded Mud Scrapers - Wear resistant mud scrapers are spring loaded to keep the disc clean at all times.
  • Excellent Floatation - The large 14Lx 16.1 rib implement tires provide excellent floatation.
  • Depth is Easy to Set - Depth is easily adjusted using the "QuickShift"depth control.
  • Extra Heavy Duty Coulter Hubs and Spindles - A1250 lb. rating on hubs and spindles ensures trouble free operation.
  •  Heavy Duty Packer Wheel Bearings - Each packer gang section is equipped with a 2 7/16 inch diameter shaft and 11,800 lb. bearings to keep you in the field seeding, not in the yard fixing.
  • Even Tire Loading in Transport - Pivoting axles allow uniform tire loading in transport. Dual l4Lx 16.1SL rib implement tires, mounted on a pivoting axle, follow crowned roads to evenly distribute the implement's weight over all tires.

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