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6800 Fixed Hitch Cultivator

Reliable & Durable Workhorses

The Bourgault 6800 Fixed Hitch 4-Row Cultivator are multiple purpose tillage units capable of:
  • High disturbance seeding with sweeps and harrows followed by a wing type packer in cultivated or uncultivated soil.
  • Low disturbance seeding with knives and mounted packers in cultivated or uncultivated ground.
  • Primary cultivation with spike
  • Applying fertilizer with sweeps or narrow openers
  • Seed bed preparation
  • Summer fallow cultivation operations
  • Chemical incorporation
 The 6800 is durable fixed hitch cultivator that delivers excellent seeding depth control:
  • The 6800 cultivators built on a 4 row frame construction with trip assemblies mounted a minimum of 61cm apart on the same row. This design gives the 6800 enough trash clearance to perform primary tillage or direct seeding.
  • The trip assemblies are mounted on 20.4 cm spacing so seed rows are narrow.
  • The trip assemblies are very durable and are maintenance free. They can trip up to 55 cm to clear stones.
  • Maintenance kept to a minimum because protective bushings are used in wear areas. 
  • The frames are so strong and durable that many 6800’s have over 40,000 hectares of trouble free cultivating on them.
  • The seeding depth is changed in seconds by adjusting a slide mechanism.
  • The cultivator uses hydraulic cylinders to lift the wing frames, making the cultivator ready for road transport within seconds.
  • The depth control system on the 6800 is a single series hydraulic system.
  • High tensile strength, hollow structural frame tubing
  • Full 4-row frame construction around the wheels
  • 96" frame depth
  • Heavy duty tubular hitch, built to take the load
Shank Assembly
  •  375 pounds per foot working force trip
  •  Ductile steel castings with a single pivot point and Nylatron® wear bushing
  •  8" shank spacing
  •  24" minimum between any two shanks
  •  3/4' x 2" shanks standard
  •  27" ground to frame clearance
  •  12" obstacle clearance with conventional sweeps
  •  Standard sweep - 47 degree stem...1 3/4" holes centers...1/4" x 11"

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