Past Performers 

3000 Series Air Seeders

Tradition of Reliability & Performance

Bourgault 3000 Series Air Seeders were one of the most popular units in Western Canadian farmers.
Model 3225 - 225 Bu. (140 front /85 rear); optional  29 bu. granual herbicide tank
Model 3195 - 195 Bu. (121 front /77 rear); optional 34 bu. granual herbicide tank
Model 3165 - 165 Bu. (99 front / 68 rear); optional 28 bu. granual herbicide tank
  • Superior Distribution System. 3000 Series Air Seeders feature a Class A distribution system.
  • Four Track Design. All 3000 Series Air Seeders feature a four track design to help prevent accidental upset when operating on steep hillsides or when pulling over into a ditch.
  • Simple "Quick Change Sprocket" Metering Adjustment. Bourgault 3000 Series Air Seeders use "Quick Change Sprockets" which let you change from peas to Treflan QR5 in less than two minutes.
  • High Efficiency 18" Turbo Blower. Apply up to 350 pounds per acre without worrying about plugging. It can also be configured to uniformly distribute products from three tanks at once. And not only is it efficient, it is extremely reliable. The blower is computer dynamically balanced to ensure years of trouble-free operation.
  • Convenient Hopper on the Loading/ Unloading Auger. The plastic hopper can easily be removed to allow emptying of any remaining grain or fertilizer. Also, the flip-up screen gives you easy access to the auger flighting, to remove straw or any other contaminants. A cupped flighting minimizes the amount of material left in the hopper.
  • Heavy Duty Magnetic Clutch. A heavy duty Warner magnetic clutch (rated at a static torque of 70 ft.-lbs.) turns metering on and off. The control box has a visual reminder which tells you at a glance if the metering is on. An auxiliary clutch is available for independent control of the rear meter and a separate clutch is provided with the third tank.
  • High Performance Eaton Piston Motor. The 18" radial blade blower is hydraulically powered by a high precision, Eaton piston motor. This motor has a rated life of 15,000 hours at 2,500 psi and 3,000 r.p.m., a virtual lifetime of reliability.
  • Optional Granular Herbicide Tank. All 3000 Series Air Seeders are designed with third tank capability for additional chemical, seed and fertilizer products in one pass, saving both fuel and moisture. You can also broadcast canola or flax, while applying all the phosphate, nitrogen and sulfur that your crop requires to achieve maximum yields. By mounting the granular herbicide tank on the Air Seeder, cultivator weight remains constant, ensuring accurate seed placement. Operator stress is reduced because the view of the cultivator is completely unobstructed. The 3225 is available with a "Select-A-Rate" kit which allows the operator to set-up any two desired herbicide rates and change from one to the other with the flick of a switch.
  • Load a Mini-Bulk Bag with Room to Spare. An entire mini-bulk bag normally requires 26 ft3 of tank capacity. All granular herbicide tanks, on 3000 Series Air Seeders, hold the entire contents with lots of room to spare.
  • Single to Dual Shooting. Another reason for the timeless value of the Bourgault 3000 Series Air Seeder is the fact that you can change from single shooting to dual shooting in less than 10 minutes, using only a screwdriver.
  • Loading and Unloading are Effortless. All three tanks can be effortlessly loaded or unloaded when the air seeder is equipped with the optional 7" auger.

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