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2135 Air Seeder

Simple & Practical

The Model 2135 Air Seeder is perfect for the farmer who wants a top of the line machine, but does not require third tank capability.
  • Features standard items such as floatation tires, dual tank access ladders and a high performance piston hydraulic fan motor.
  • The two tank air seeders can apply products ranging from *granular herbicide to fertilizer, as well as small through large seeds. (*Requires an optional granular distribution kit.)
  • Calibration is easy with the Bourgault 491 Monitor.
    The Model 491 Monitor provides standard monitoring features for up to four bins.
    - Monitor air seeder statistics, including fan speed, application rate, bin levels, area seeded, & ground speed
    - Case drain pressure is monitored to help prevent costly hydraulic fan motor damage.
  • Fast rate changes are provided with the wrenchless Quick Change Sprocket system.
    The wrenchless Quick Change Sprocket System allows the operator to select any rate without the need for changing or adjusting the internal workings of the metering system. A chart provides typical rates along with the recommended sprocket.
  • Loading and unloading is a snap with the balanced load/unload auger. The 2135 utilizes a well balanced 6 in (15 cm) loading and unloading auger with an easy to secure locking system. It can be rotated 180 degrees to unload the air seeder from the centrally located tank clean outs. The bottom end of the auger features cupped flighting for a more complete auger hopper clean out.
  • A highly accurate Positive Displacement Metering System is utilized with the 2135 Air Seeder.
    - Works with all types of seeds & fertilizers without changing components
    - A large flow-through sump allows complete tank clean out and convenient meter inspection
    - Independent test results show that the PDM system is both gentle and accurate with all seed
  • Control the Auger From Above or Below: The auger features dual controls for operation from the ground level or from the top of the platform. The auger control located at the top of the auger allows for filling of the seeding compartments while minimizing the number of times the operator must climb up and down from the seeder.

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