Past Performers 

600 Floating Hitch Chisel Plow

Unparalleled Performance

 The 600 Series was designed for the most extreme primary tillage conditions found anywhere in North America, the 600 Series had the depth control accuracy required for air seeding.
 All 600 Series cultivators used a 600 lb. initial tension spring cushion shank assembly with a combination of features which make it outstanding:
  • Ductile steel castings.
  • 1 1/4" x 2" tempered shank.
  • There was only one wear point on each spring cushion assembly. That wear point had a nylatron bushing, which required no greasing and was exceedingly resistant to wear. When wear inevitably occurs, simply replace the bushing and the 1" bolt and the spring cushion is completely reconditioned.
  • Two extension springs hold your spring cushion in tension at all times.
Precise Depth Control.
A Double Line Lock/Pressure Limit Valve was exclusive to our slave cylinder hydraulic depth-control system. It improves cultivator depth control and overall system performance in many ways:
  • The hydraulic pressure to the system is kept low when the cultivator is lowered to the depth stop. This means the unit can be raised off the depth stop while still maintaining consistent depth from the wings to the center section.
  •  This valve ensures no oil transfer between the cultivator depth control system and the tractor. The operator can now raise the unit off the depth stop to work at a shallower depth for long periods of time without having the cultivator creep deeper into the soil. Locking the return side of the slave system ensures that the wing sections maintain a precise depth setting.
  • This special valve also eliminates oil transfer between the cultivator and tractor at all times, therefore, while transporting the cultivator, the unit will not creep down, eliminating the need for the operator to adjust his wheel lift hydraulic system. The result is less danger of an operator accidentally dropping the unit to the ground at highway road speeds.
The 600 Series was capable of handling all your chisel plow requirements:
  • 4" tubular frame with all the comer gusseting required to prevent fatiguing after long use in the most extreme conditions.
  • Replaceable Nylatron or case-hardened wear bushings at all critical wear points.
  • High quality series rephasing cylinders manufactured by Cessna Aircraft -Fluid Power Division.
  • Scissor-type wing-lift transport system.
  • Hitch pivot with front and back anti-tip protection.

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