Past Performers 

FH 330 Series

Superior performance for your toughest tillage/seeding demands

More and more farmers turn to Bourgault for their toughest tillage/seeding demands.
Here are nine reasons why Bourgault delivers superior performance:
- Penetration capability
- Floatation
- Trash clearance capability
- Ease of operation
- Field finish
- Quality and durability
- Precision depth control
- Versatility&performance
- Contour-ability
It's for these reasons that the 330 series offered the best solution for farmers' needs and conditions.
Penetration Capability. All 330 series cultivators used a 330 lb. initial tension spring cushion shank assembly.
Trash Clearance Capability & Field Finish.  An  8" spacing was used in combination with a full 5-row frame construction to achieve superior results:
- Weed kill is complete and ridging is minimized with 8" centers.
- A superior shank spacing has resulted in excellent trash flow capability comparable to a chisel plow.
- A 40" spacing between shank assemblies on the first and second rows, facilitating trash flow.
- The field finishing capabilities are ideal for seed bed preparation, with a finish comparable to a 6" spaced cultivator. 
Precision Depth Control Hydraulics. The Quick Shift Depth Control was a standard feature on all the Floating Hitch Series cultivators and could also be retrofit to any Bourgault tillage utilizing the Bourgault cylinder slave system.
Contourability & Floatation. The patented Floating Hitch System was a standard feature on the 330 series.
Ease of Operation. Bourgault tillage is, without a doubt, the most "user friendly" tillage. The  "walking axle/castor wheel hydraulic lift system" provides this unit with a "one time" levelling requirement. In hilly land conditions depth control is unparalleled.  With the increasing popularity of air seeding, accurate depth control has become very important. One of the most common reasons for poor depth control is inadequate floatation. FH 330 Series have twelve floatation tires under all 3-plex models and eighteen under our 5-plex model.



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