Past Performers 

FH 230 Series

Versatility and Value with no Compromise

 Outstanding Features: 
  • Contourability & Floatation. The patented Floating Hitch System was a standard feature on the 230 series.The 230 series 3-plex models were equipped with twelve floatation tires and the 5-plex model was equipped with eighteen tires ensuring excellent floatation.
  • Trash Clearance Capability and Field Finish. To conserve the field finish an 8" spacing was used, and a full 5-row frame construction to achieve superior trash clearance capability.
    The results were significant:
    - Superior shank spacing resulting in excellent trash flow capability comparable to a chisel plow
    - 40" between shank assemblies on the first and second rows
    - Field finishing capabilities ideal for seed bed preparation, with a finish comparable to a 6" spaced cultivator.
  •  Precision Depth Control Hydraulics
    - Quick Shift Depth Control allows the operator to easily adjust the cylinder stroke from a remote and convenient position outside the cultivator frame. It also has a unique precision calibration feature which insures precise depth adjustment especially critical when air seeding.
    - Double Line Lock/Pressure Limit Valve was exclusive to the slave cylinder hydraulic depth-control system. It improves cultivator depth control and overall system performance in many ways.
  •  Penetration Capability
    All 230 Series cultivators use a 230 lb. initial tension spring cushion shank assembly which is backed by more than two decades of field testing. The following combination of features make the shank assembly an outstanding value:
    - 3/4" x 2" tempered shank.
    - There is only one wear point on each spring cushion assembly. That wear point has a nylatron bushing which requires no greasing and is exceedingly resistant to wear. To completely recondition a spring cushion assembly when wear inevitably occurs, simply replace the nylatron bushing and the W pivot bolt.
    - A single extension spring which provides a constant 230 lbs. of initial tension.
    - Designed for light and medium primary tillage using an 11" sweep and using a 4" sweep or 2" reversible spike for heavy primary tillage conditions.

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