Past Performers 

4-Row Fixed Hitch Applicator

Tough, dependable and built to get the job done.

The Bourgault fertilizer applicator had fifteen working widths between 24' and 50'. Whether you required a 24' three-plex model or a 50' five-plex model be assured that they were designed to more than meet farmers' requirements.
 Outstanding Features:
  • Frame Design.
    A 4-row frame design for superior shank spacing patterns guaranteed you non-stop, no plug performance. The rugged 3.5" tubular frame had all the frame gusseting required to ensure years of trouble-free performance in the toughest conditions.
    The tubular hitches were built to handle the extra load of tow-behind implements. Sturdy wing hitches prevented cultivator wing sweep back.
  • Wheel Assemblies. 
    The wheel assemblies utilized standard Bourgault component which were designed to handle the heavy load in the field and in transport. The heavy-duty, greaseable 5,000 lb. hubs, spindles and bearings had a triple lip bearing seal system to prevent contamination. All walking axle pivot hubs had greaseable self-sealing Timken bearings for a long life.
  • Penetration Capability and Precise Depth Control
    With the Bourgault spring cushion assembly, penetration is accomplished in the most severe soil conditions. The weight of the cultivator was also sufficient to provide the back-up to the total combined spring cushion initial tension and knife penetration capability. The level of floatation on each model also prevented the cultivator from being drawn below the desired depth.
    You had a choice of two spring cushions... both were backed by more than a decade of field testing as well as a combination of features which made them outstanding. 
    Both spring cushion assemblies had a single wear point. That wear point had a nylatron bushing which required no greasing and was exceedingly resistant to wear. When wear inevitably occurs, simply replace the bushing and the pivot bolt and the spring cushion is completely reconditioned.
  • 230 Spring Cushion
    -You could choose between a standard 7/8" x 2" tempered shank or short 7/8" x 2" shank. The short shank was designed for use with knives.
    -3/4" pivot bolt.
    -Single extension spring with a 230 lb. initial tension.
    -Designed for medium primary tillage conditions.
  • 330 Spring Cushion
    - You could choose between a standard 7/8" x 2" tempered shank or short 7/8" x 2" shank. The short shank was designed for use with knives.
    -7/8" pivot bolt.
    -Two extension springs with a 330 lb. initial tension.
    -Designed for extreme primary tillage conditions.
The Optional Features were: 
  • Quick Change Knives
  • "Flip-Up" Extension Stub
  • Ball Valve Shut-Off
  • Quick Shift Depth Control
  • Front-To-Back Hitch Levelling Mechanism
  • Stabilizer Wheels
  • Rear Tow Hitch
  • Mounted Harrows - 3 & 4-Bar
  • Variable Depth/Precision Control Valve 

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