Past Performers 

5400 Vers-A-Bar

Two Great Performing Implements For The Price Of One

  • The Vers-A-Bar was an economically priced, high performance harrow drawbar which, with the addition of optional equipment, became a convenient field sprayer.
  • The Vers-A-Bar could be equipped with easily detachable harrow arms and an adjustable boom height spray kit which allowed to use the unit as a harrow drawbar, a chemical incorporator or a field sprayer ... one implement replaces two.
  • The Vers-A-Bar was standard with "Quick-Set" harrows, which reduce the time required to set the tine angle on a 70 foot harrow drawbar from 20 minutes to 2 minutes. You can spend your time harrowing instead of struggling with your harrows.
  • When the Vers-A-Bar is equipped with the optional spray kit components, you receive tubing-type boom draw arms rather than cables. These boom draw arms act like a cable when using the Vers-A-Bar as a harrow drawbar, but are lockable when you are using the Vers-A-Bar as a field sprayer, preventing the booms from rolling ahead when going downhill. The boom draw arms also allow backing to the harrows for re-attachment. The optional adjustable spray boom height feature allowed to adjust boom height for both pre-emergent and post emergent spraying.
  • The Vers-A-Bar is a fully automatic folding and unfolding unit, regardless if you are using it as a harrow drawbar or as a field sprayer.
The Vers-A-Bar was built with Bourgault's high quality, heavy duty construction, "Guaranteed" to keep it operating when others have gone to "that big machinery lot in the sky".

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