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4 Row Fixed Hitch Cultivator

Exceptional Value & Rugged Dependability

 All Bourgault Cultivators are designed to last 50% longer than most.
This five-plex unit follows contours with ease. Its compact size when folded allows you to transport in safety. The centre section and inner wings are equipped with walking axles that makes it float over rough terrain. The outer wing features a stabilizer wheel which eliminates all wing galloping. The narrow main frame and small wing sections of the Commander 46-50 allows it to hug uneven terrain and provides you with even penetration and results in an accurate seed bed for press drills or precise seed placement for air seeding. The hitch design allows you to turn sharply without worrying about the tractor wheels hooking the hitch beams.

These two famous models were built to meet the toughest demands of the farm. Both featured walking axles on all sections which allowed the units to float over the roughest terrain. Walking axles were designed extra strong to withstand the loads put on them in sharp turns. All beams on the walking axle are 3/8 of an inch thick.
The Commander 36-40 and the Commander 34-38 were virtually identical with the exception of main frame widths. The Commander 36-40 has a 16 foot main frame where as the Commander 34-38 has a 13-1/2 foot main frame. 

 Like all of the Commanders it has been designed to last 50% longer than most cultivators. It is capable of performing both primary and secondary tillage and it's penetration ability is second to none.
The Commander 28-32 used a four slave series system to control its depth. There are no cables to stretch, no linkages to wear out. 

MODEL 24-28 and MODEL 18-22
The Model 24-28 and Model 18-22 were designed for the intermediate size farm. They featured the same rugged construction and shank assembly as did the larger units. The Model 24-28 was a triplex model and was ideal for tractors in the 100 to 135 horsepower range. The unit has excellent trash clearance and penetrating ability. The main frame was equipped with large 9.5L x 14 flotation tires and the wings have 7.50 x 14 tires. The cultivator has a 4 cylinder slave system and a hydraulic wing lift which is operated from the tractor seat.
The Model 18-22 had the same performance features as did the Model 24-28 but was a duplex type. This unit was ideal for tractors in the 75 to 100 horsepower range.

Outstanding Features:
  • Field Finish. With the penetration capability and superior floatation of the Fixed Hitch 4-row series, accurate working depth is maintained. Combine these features with precise levelling ability and you are guaranteed finishing capabilities ideal for seed bed preparation and a field finish comparable to a 6" spaced cultivator.
  • Trash Clearance. A 4-row frame design and 8" shank spacing means superior shank spacing patterns, with a minimum of 24" between shank assemblies and 32" on the first row and most of the second. The 27" ground-to-frame clearance gives you nonstop, no plug performance. These features ensure excellent trash flow capability comparable to a three row chisel plow. For very heavy trash conditions, use a 4" sweep or a 2" reversible spike.
  • Penetration Capability. All Fixed Hitch 4-Row Series cultivators use a 230 lb. initial tension spring cushion shank assembly.

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