Past Performers 

850 Centurion 2

Auto-Fold Field Sprayer

 The Bourgault Centurion, Series II — More Features, Many Refinements, Outstanding Performance.
 Great Performance Features were:
  • Available in widths of 72 ft. to 100 ft.
  • Narrow transport width—no arms to manually pin back.
  • Ability to spray with one wing boom folded back-makes a large sprayer as easy to handle as a small one.
  • Shear bolt in wing boom draw arm to prevent serious damage to sprayer.
  • Choice of singles or tandems on cart.
  • Adjustable cart axle width, 90'' to 108".
  • Wand for safe handling of chemicals.
  • Bourgault monitor available—allows easy and accurate on the go changes.
  • Perfectly tuned, high displacement boom wheel suspension—never bottoms out.
  • See through polyethylene 833 imperial gallon tank with extra deep sump.
  • Full saddle under tank to ensure long tank life.
  • Heavy duty design with 4" x 4" hollow structural tube booms.
  • Top loading port screened and close to front for easy access.
  • Bottom fill is standard.
  • 4 agitation jets are standard.
  • Only stainless steel, extended range tips are used to ensure excellent distribution.
  • XR tips also allow spraying at reduced pressures to control drift.
  • Full 360° caster wheels eliminate scrubbing.
Fully automatic folding and unfolding. There is no need to leave the tractor seat. An added benefit of this design is the narrow transport width. There is simply no need to manually unpin, relocate and repin the boom draw arms for safe road transport.

Spray with one boom back .  This unique design features makes a 100 foot sprayer handle like a conventional 55 foot unit. This innovative design feature lets you fold one wing back independently of the other and lets you spray with approximately one half of sprayer field width. You get the best of both worlds—a large sprayer for large fields—fold one wing back and you can now easily get into much smaller areas. For example the other side of the shelter belt or the power poles or any other area that you feel you have to keep the old sprayer to get at.

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