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Convert-A-Bar S1 HPS

Convert-A-Bar had the design which combined in a single implement, the ability to do many operations at once, or, each independently.

Convert-A-Bar's unique design allowed it to be used in a multitude of roles, whether you decided to harrow pack, harrow, spray or to select a combination of these functions, Convert-A-Bar could easily be transformed into the required mode in a matter of minutes.
The multi-purpose Convert-A-Bar allowed you to reduce depreciation expense, fuel and parts costs. 
Remove two pins from each packer and the unit is now a harrow drawbar or a harrow sprayer drawbar. The packers are as easy to reconnect as they are to disconnect. The Auto Fold System allows the operator to back up to the packers. The operator can then simply place the packers onto the support arms and drive forward until the packer arms fall into their respective cradles.
Another very useful function of Convert-A-Bar is that of piling unwanted windrows, for example flax windrows. The hydraulically controlled end wheels, heavy duty construction and physical geometry allow Convert-A-Bar to rake the windrows and dump the straw where you want.
If the operator wishes to equip Convert-A-Bar with an optional sprayer package, he can use it as a field sprayer. Three support frames are easily removed by pulling twelve pins and driving ahead. The adjustable sprayer booms are positioned ahead of the harrows for pre-emergent chemical application and rotated to a position at the rear of the main attaching arms for post-emergent chemical application.
The three harrow support frames are also easy to reconnect. Simply back up to the support frames and raise each frame with the three jacks provided. The frames are then effortlessly winched into position. This procedure requires approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Outstanding features:
  • Hydraulic end wheels provide positive steer in control for quick folding and unfolding. Only a few feet are required to get the unit in and out of field position.
  • Auto-Fold system means you can fold and unfold the Convert-A-Bar from the tractor seat.
  • The Auto-Fold arm can be pinned to allow backing to the harrow support frames or the coil packers. It also allows the operator to back the unit away from obstructions in the field such as power poles, fence posts, etc.
  • To unhook the packers, simply pull two pins on each packer and drive ahead. To re-connect, back up to the packers, lay the packer arms on the frame and drive ahead. The special design guides the arms into place.
  • Coil packers are engineered for trouble-free operation. Structural tubing frame, special welding technique on the packer shaft to eliminate premature cracking and grease nipples up and out of the way are all standard. Coils are 1-1/2" or 1-3/4".
  • Extra long harrows provide excellent stability even over rough terrain at a relatively high ground speed. Extra length below the hook for long life.
  • Offset walking axles with tapered roller bearings in pivot hub for trouble free operation. 11LTx15", 8-ply tires are standard. (12.5Lx15", 12-ply on centre are optional.)

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