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2000 "Special" Series Air Seeders

The Models 2130 special, 2115 special

The Bourgault Air Seeder has been designed to provide you with the highest standards of quality, reliability and durability.
The Bourgault 2000 "Special" Series Air Seeders comprise of the Model 2130 Special (130 bushel capacity) and the Model 2115 Special (115 bushel capacity). Each Air Seeder tank is split, with a 60% ratio in the front tank, and a 40% ratio in
the rear tank. Each tank has its own metering system.
Bourgault Air Seeders use the patented Bechard Seeding System, consisting of an accurate metering auger which is ground driven.
The metering augers are controlled by an electric clutch run off the left rear Air Seeder wheel. A drive sprocket, attached to the electric clutch, matches the Air Seeder to the size and type of cultivator being used.
The Model 101 Monitor is equipped to sense bin levels for both tanks, shaft rotation for both metering augers, and fan speed.

Bourgault regrets that pricing is not available for your region. Please email a request for product pricing to - specify your location and the models you are interested in.