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4000 Series Air Seeders

The Models 4350, 4300, 4250

 The 4000 Series Bourgault Air Seeder consists of a three compartment tank mounted on a portable cart.
A patented Bechard metering system is located on the bottom of each tank to meter out the contents and place it into the air stream for distribution.
The metering system is turned by the cart wheel through a system of roller chains and sprockets. These sprockets are interchangeable for setting the metering rate.
A stream of air is used to convey the seed, fertilizer, and/or herbicide through the distribution system. An optional dual air system is available if required. Hoses direct the air flow and material to the distributing components on the hoe drill or cultivator.
The fan(s) that provide the conveying air stream are powered by the tractor hydraulics. An auger on the right side of the frame is used to load and unload the tanks. The clutch control and monitor are mounted in the cab next to the operator.
  • Model 4350
    - 350 bushel capacity
    Front - 140 bu.
    Middle - 70 bu. 
    Rear - 140 bu.
  •  Model 4300
    - 300 bushel capacity
    Front - 120 bu.
    Middle - 60 bu.
    Rear - 120 bu.
  • Model 4250
    - 250 bushel capacity
    Front -100 bu.
    Middle - 50 bu.
    Rear-100 bu.

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