6000 Series Monitor & Controller Systems 

Model 591 Air Seeder Monitor

Reliable & Intuitive Monitoring System

The 591 Air Seeder Monitor provides instantaneous feedback on air seeder operations including fan speed, application rate, bin levels, area seeded, & ground speed.
  • The 591 provides intuitive controls and software for convenient operation.
  • The large screen will allow you to monitor up to eight functions on one screen, including fan speed, application rate, bin levels, area seeded, and ground speed.
  • Four pages are available for you to customize. You can easily toggle between each page to monitor functions on each page.
  • Determine accurate metering rates during calibration, and monitor rate changes during adjustment.
  • Four optical bin level sensors in each metering compartment report the amount of product remaining. All but the bottom empty bin sensor can be repositioned according to the operator’s preference.
  • The fan case drain pressure is monitored to help prevent costly hydraulic fan motor damage.
  • The 591 monitors on-the-go rate changes made with the Cab Rate Adjust.

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