Past Performers 

5 Row Fixed Hitch

Dual-Purpose Cultivators

 MODEL 534-42
  • This triplex model was designed to handle tractors up to 250 horsepower. It is ruggedly constructed with 3-1/2" square frame tubing, 3-1/2" x 2" cross brace tubing and 8-1/2" x 2" hitch tubing, all extra heavy wall to resist fatique cracking.
  • The Model 534-42 featured walking axles on all sections with 11 L x 15", 8 Ply tires. The "Quick adjust" castoring stabilizer wheels also had 11 L x 15" Tires. The basic or minimum operating width was 34'8" and the cultivator could easily be extended to 41 '4" by the use of bolt-on extension stubs and cross braces.
  • The Model 534-42 was ideal for use with Air Seeders both for banding and seeding. The large flotation tires, the Cessna slave series hydraulic system, the 8 inch shank spacing with 32 inches between any two shanks, all team up to give you the type of performance you need to do these jobs right.
MODEL 528-34
  • The Model 528-34 was the last addition to the Five Row Series. It featured walking axles all around and also two standard, "Quick adjust" castoring stabilizer wheels. All the tires including the stabilizer wheels were 11 L x 1 5, 8 Ply.
  • The Five-Row was only 10 1/2" deeper than the Four-Row. The wheels were very close to being mounted in the centre of the frame to improve the cultivator's ability to follow contours.
  • The Five-Row model was in a class of its own. 
All Bourgault Cultivators used a 3/4" x 2" Tempered Steel Shank.
The shank assembly has an obstacle clearance of 12 inches and this allows to clear rocks and other obstructions with ease.

The Titan Harrow has a nylon equipped greaseless pivot. A heavy mounting bracket capable of withstanding side loads up to 1400 lbs. eliminates all side play. A heavy duty pressure spring forces the harrow down to spread out straw and pull out weeds with maximum efficiency.

The "Quick Adjust" castoring stabilizer wheel was standard on all 5 Row Series cultivators. All castoring wheels used 11 L x 15 tires for extra flotation. The castoring wheels were built extra heavy to give you trouble free service.

All Bourgault Cultivators featured the unique levelling screw system. This allowed to level your cultivator with the precision required in today's farming.

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